We are (very) proud to present our newest  CD!: “Vocal Chord in Concert” For only €15 (excluding Postage) ,whether at home or on the road, you can enjoy our CD that includes such classics as, “My Way”, “Somewhere”, Hallelujah”,  “Barcelona” and many more arranged and performed  in our own “special” Vocal Chord way. - You’d like to order a CD or two? It’s simple!  Just send us an email at: info@vocalchord.nl  and we will  send you this wonderful CD right away! would you prefere our digital music just click  here
1) Barcelona F. Mercury/M. Moran 2) You raise me up R. Løvland/B. Graham 3) Hallelujah L. Cohen 4) Nella Fantasia E. Morricone/ C. Ferraù 5) Con te partiro Fr. Sartori/L. Quarantotto 6) Adagio T. Albinoni/R. Giazotto 7) Amigos para siempre A.L. Webber/D. Black 8) Somewhere L. Bernstein/S. Sondheim 9) Nessun dorma G. Puccini/G. Adami 10) My way J. Revaux/P. Anka